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About The Shapiro Team

^With over 25 years in Real Estate in the area and over 20 years with RE/MAX, THE SHAPIRO TEAM has maintained a 5.0 Star review score with Houston Association Of Realtors and as FIVE STAR PROFESSIONALS appearing in Texas Monthly magazine for over 10 years. Consisting of Leon Shapiro, Team Leader - is a former Commercial Real Estate Manager for a large Dallas based company, and is a Past Master & current Secretary of Anson Jones Masonic Lodge #1416 in Friendswood, Texas and also a Past Master of Alvin Lodge #762 in Alvin Texas. While still working in the Commercial Field, and with Team Member Penny Shapiro, they have maintained an award winning status in Residential Real Estate with RE/MAX.
*Penny Shapiro has been a Texas Real Estate Broker for over 25 years and besides being a member of THE SHAPIRO TEAM she is also the Designated Broker for the RE/MAX Space Center office.
*The Shapiro Team, Leon Shapiro & Penny Shapiro, have been business partners for over 20 years, have over 25 years Real Estate Experience with RE/MAX, and have lived in the Houston area, Friendswood and Clear Lake areas for over 25 years
*Penny has been a licensed Real Estate Broker for over 20 years and is the Designated Broker for the RE/MAX Space Center office.
*Leon is a Past Master & Secretary of Friendswood/Anson Jones Masonic Lodge #1416 AF & AM, and Past Master of Alvin Masonic Lodge #762 in Alvin, Texas
*Leon was the Division Real Estate Manager for 7-Eleven stores in southeast Texas and Louisiana and practices bith Commercial and Residential Real Estate